Every one of us prefers to have smooth and shiny skin and makes us look young. People highly desire rejuvenated skin. With age, the skin’s collagen gets destroyed, and our skin starts looking dull and gloomy. Under such situations, derma roller treatment is necessary. This treatment is also needed to waive the depressions and spots on the skin, which are caused due to sun rays and pollution. At Al safa Polyclinic, we provide the best and cost-effective derma roller treatment with outstanding results.

Dermaroller is an instrument that, when rolled over the skin, creates a rotatory motion of the wheel that makes small pinpoints on the skin dermis resulting in the formation of little blood vessels under the skin surface. When the roller roles through the face, fine channels are created, thereby enhancing the absorption of nutrients. This exact process of derma roller treatment is followed at our clinic with great care.

We use derma roller for acne scars, which help them to subside effectively, thereby transforming the skin thoroughly. We help you to prevent the number of acne growing on your skin, and it does not present a good sight for the same.